Wholly Transformational

Connecting and encountering Christ is more than just listening to a sermon or reading words on a page. Can I let you in on a secret? God has literally wired hope right into your brain. Join me on this 5-day journey to learn how to bring your whole self to your relationship with Christ- Mind, Body, Soul.

  • Based in Scripture

  • Grounded in Christian Tradition

  • Backed by Neuroscience

  • Proven with Results

It's time

Rest and connection with Christ are literally a breath away.

"Get away with me & recover your life..."

Do you want these words of Jesus from Matthew's Gospel to be true, but you don't know where to begin?

If the constant upset of the world,  past trauma, or the daily grind keep you from the very thing for which your soul longs - meaningful connection with God - this is your place. 

In this course you will receive 5 days of Gospel-centered teaching and guided experiences that reunite you with God's presence and impact your life far beyond the experiences themselves.

Each of the 5 days you will learn truths and practices to support your mind, body, and soul to reunite with the Holy Spirit, transforming the way you experience yourself, your life, and our loving God.

If you are ready to recover your life and need something beyond a "quiet time" to get there, welcome. 


What the course is really like

I feel bombarded

Homeschooling mom

"You make Jesus accessible. In a time when I feel bombarded by the media, Facebook articles, and the pressure to be creating amazing experiences for my kids, you gave me thirty minutes of peace. Thank you!"

Dealing with loud emotions

Author & Mother

"Our hurried, stressed selves need to return to God and stillness but may need some new-ancient tools to do so. Kimberly expertly teaches spiritual practices and gently guides ...the beautiful practices gave me a way to deal with everyday struggles and loud emotions in my heart."

Eased my anxieties

Mother & Leader

'[This experience]It has eased my anxieties, and helped me feel less lonely during this time. I find group meditation powerful, and I can feel some of that ...when I ask Jesus to sit with me."

I felt equipped

Entrepreneur & Mother

"I loved that the Meditation journey was well-designed and broken into manageable chunks of time that incorporated both a training session on meditation as well as an experiential time of guided meditation to “practice” what I had just learned. At the end of the retreat, having practiced various ways to meditate, I felt equipped to pursue meditation as a way to invite and encounter God’s presence."

Provocative teaching - inviting & non-threatening!

Pastor & Father

"In this unique five-day retreat, Kimberly offered solid and provocative teaching, along with suggestions of practical meditation techniques that anyone can incorporate into their daily life. Her manner of presentation was inviting, non-threatening, joyful, and even fun!"

Recover Your Life

It's time to recover all that you've lost this last year. Regain your peace, ground in the Love of Christ. Join me today.

Meet Your Guide

Kimberly Penrod Pelletier

Overwhelm, trauma, chronic illness, marriage challenges, parenting regrets, grief, loss. In the midst of life just as it is, I have found a way to follow the Christ I read about in the Gospels and have lead hundreds of others to do the same through retreats, spiritual direction, my podcast, and writings. In the midst of everyday life you can bring grounding and peace to your body and soul with practices that go way beyond a "quiet time" and lead you right into the presence of Christ. I'm a certified Spiritual Director with a degree in Christian Formation and advanced coursework in theology & psychology. My writing has been featured in Christianity Today, Loyola Press, Herald Press, smallgroups.com, The Redbud Post, & The Mudroom. Learn more about me and my work at https://kimberlypenrodpelletier.com/

A peek into the 5-Day Journey

  • 1

    A Quick Welcome to Meditating with Christ

    • New Introduction - coming soon!

  • 2

    Day 1 - Breath

    • Breath - Video Teaching & Guided Experience

    • Breath - PDF Reflection & Journal Prompts

  • 3

    Day 2 - Body

    • Body - PDF Reflection & Journal Prompts

    • Body - Video Teaching & Guided Experience

  • 4

    Day 3 - Reframing Repentance

    • Repentance - PDF Reflection & Journal Prompts

    • Repentance - Video Teaching & Guided Experience

  • 5

    Day 4 - Loving Self

    • Loving Self - PDF Reflections & Journal Prompts

    • Loving Self - Video Teaching & Guided Experience

  • 6

    Day 5 - Loving Others

    • Loving Others - PDF Reflections & Journal Prompts

    • Loving Others - Teaching Video & Guided Experience

  • 7

    Creating Your Own Meditation Toolbox

    • PDF - Personal Meditation Toolbox

Retrain Yourself to Rest

We are made of the stuff of earth. We grow at the pace of trees, not smartphones. Find the Joy & Rest available to you as you learn to meditate with Christ.